Mkuyu Guiding School

Outdoor learning is a key element of the Mkuyu Guiding School philosophy. Building knowledge and skills in close connection with the bush develops an intimate understanding and appreciation of the land, plants and animals that the students will one day be sharing with others.


Mkuyu guide student bird watching with community children.

As the need for environmental management grows in Tanzania, Mkuyu Guiding School recognises both the importance of providing education to future generations of Tanzanian's and the potential for students to be environmental educators.

As such, Mkuyu has recently developed a partnership program with local Maasai & Hehe communities to facilitate skill development for the students whilst providing an environment club for local children.

The Watoto Bush Club engages children with their natural surroundings by encouraging them to take interest in plants and animals. The social and ecological value of this program is enormous.

Mkuyu Guiding School students engaging in a workshop with Ruaha Cultural Tourism representative, Papa, to learn about Maasai knowledge of plants

Mkuyu Guiding School believes in equal opportunities for all, but also recognises that some people are more disadvantaged than others. One such group is young women.

To support our female guide students, Mkuyu has recently started the Lioness Ladies Mentoring program. This program is designed to provide inspiration, motivation, and support to the young Mkuyu women reaching for a different future.

Here at Mkuyu Guiding School, we seek to always improve and grow our programs so that students have a wide range of high quality learning opportunities and experiences available to them. 

Through such experiences, Mkuyu students are given a strong start to achieving their professional and personal goals with strong environmental ethics.

The key program of Mkuyu Guiding School is maintaining a Bush School focus, providing an outdoor learning environment based on connected experiences that foster knowledge and appreciation of the land and its plants and animals.