From home, you can help us out by:

- Connecting with our Facebook page and chatting with the students so that they can practice their skills, particularly English language.

(Consider asking the students questions about African animals, plants & ecosystems so that they can practice providing information in English!)

- Share our Facebook page & posts with your friends and networks so that we can extend our reach and likelihood of raising the funds needed.

Mkuyu Guiding School tries to keep student fees as low as possible so that students from low-income backgrounds have an equal opportunity to attend. This means that our profits do not extend far beyond the essential maintenance of students and the school. 

Mkuyu Guiding School is not a charity, but rather a professional program contributing to the Tanzanian community, so we do not seek ongoing financial assistance from others. Instead, we have targeted projects that we regularly fundraise for via our crowd-funding page.

At present, our main project is to establish a diverse and up-to-date library collection for the school. This fund will include purchasing new books and educational resources for the students. Any contributions to this fundraiser would be most welcomed and appreciated!

If you would like to donate any new or second-hand items to Mkuyu Guiding School, we'd love to hear from you! There are many little things things that are difficult to obtain or replace, such as:

- Field Guides & Text Books;
- English Language Education Resources;
- Binoculars;
​- Tents & Bedding;
- Torches & Head Lamps, With Spare or Rechargable Batteries;
- Hiking Gear: Backpacks / Water Bottles / First Aid Kits etc;
- Outdoor Clothing: Hats / Sunglasses / T-Shirts / Footwear etc.

There are many other ways that you can help out! If you are visiting Tanzania and Ruaha National Park, consider stopping in at Mkuyu! This can be helpful in several ways:

- Have a chat to the students so that they can practice their English language and tourist hosting skills - or learn Kiswahili, Kihehe or Maa from the students!

- Go bird-watching around the school grounds so that the students can practice their guiding skills;

- If you have skills to share, consider volunteering to share them at the school as part of your visit!

Students make do with minimal resources by sharing equipment such as books & binoculars. Any contribution towards increasing our equipment and educational resources

would be greatly appreciated.

Opportunities for the students to share & practice their skills - whether in person or via writing - is extremely helpful!

How You Can Help Us Out

Any help offered is considered valuable and would be greatly appreciated! We warmly extend you our sincerest thanks for your interest and consideration in seeking to help out Mkuyu Guiding School to achieve our goals of helping the wildlife and the people of Tanzania! 

Asante sana!

Mkuyu Guiding School

Additional education resources of any kind are always welcome contributions at Mkuyu Guiding School.